Churches of Vasai

There are 40 churches in Vasai Dioceses. Here are a few with historical significance. Their historical significance comes from the fact that these churches were built over 450 years ago and they still are intact and being used for worship.

Holi Church
Holy Cross (Santa Cruz) Nirmal – (Built 1557, destroyed, rebuilt 1856)
Holy Spirit – Nandakhal – (Espirito Santo 1573)
Mother of God – Pali (Madre de Déos 1595)
Our Lady of Grace – Papdy (Nossa Senhora da Graça 1574)
Our Lady of Mercy – Mercess (1606)
Our Lady of Remedy – Remedy (Nossa Senhora dos Remédios 1557)
St. James – Agashi (Santiago Maior 1568)
St. Michael – Manickpur (São Miguel Arcanjo 1606)
St. Thomas – Sandor (São Thomé 1566)